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Shop Roebic Laboratories, Inc. 1 lb Foaming Root Killer oz Septic Cleaner in the Septic Cleaners department at Lowe' Roebic Foaming Root Killer. The fast-acting RootX foam will normally dissipate in about 15 minutes. How often do I need RootX treatments? You should treat your sewer lines or septic system. RootX is a foaming tree root killer that saves you time and money in treating tree root intrusions in storm drains, sewer systems, septic systems and drain. Foaming Root Killer 50 LBS: Easy-to-use, ready-to-use, and no mixing!!! Immediately kills roots. Opens clogged drains. Fast and powerful. Yes, you can buy bulk copper sulfate and accomplish the same results. The crystals tend to be more fine than what you find in the root-killer.

LB Foaming Root Killer, Specially Formulated To Kill Existing Roots & Help To Prevent New Root Growth, Flush Application In Toilet For Best Results. RootX is an EPA registered foaming tree root killer that can be applied quickly and will get your plumbing flowing properly again in no time. To learn more. RootX kills roots using Dichlobenil, a proven aquatic herbicide. RootX also contains degreasing agents that strip away the grime on roots, allowing the. RootX is the original non-metam sodium foaming root control in an easy to apply powdered formulation. If foams on contact with water to kill roots, inhibit. Put your mind at ease about your sewer pipes with ROEBIC Laboratories, Inc 1 lbs. Foaming Root Killer. Clear roots in pipes to fifty feet in a four-inch. RootX® is a simple, environmentally-friendly and proven way to effectively kill tree roots in septic tanks without killing trees. Utilizing 4 comments. HOW IT WORKS. The RootX formula foams on contact with water allowing it to reach the top of the pipe where 90% of root growth occurs. The formula strips away. Can't find a dealer near you? Buy RootX today for your own home use to clear clogged sewer lines, pipes and septic systems. Our Headquarters. Telephone. RootX Root Killer Sanitary Sewer Septic Tank Pipe Treatment Cleaning Clears 2lb · Thrifty Deals () · % positive feedback. Formulated to quickly and economically kill and dissolve fungus and roots from trees and shrubs that have entered the sewer line, septic tank.

Dichlobenil will not only kill roots, but will also prevent their re-growth for up to one year. RootX is the #1 environmentally safe, easy to use, root killer. RootX® is the original, simple, and fast non-metal sodium foaming root control solution. It foams on contact with water to kill roots, inhibit regrowth. Roebic K Root Killer for Sewer and Septic Systems, Clears Pipes and Stops New Growth, Safe for All Plumbing. Free shipping, arrives in 3+ days. RootX contains surfactants and degreasing agents that strip away the grime on roots, allowing the readily absorbed Dichlobenil to penetrate the root ends. Using. ROOTX - 2LB. JAR with Funnel/APPLICATOR Foaming Root Control for Sewer Lines. It's also important to know that the manufacturers of root killers suggest using it twice per calendar year as part of your regular spring and fall maintenance. RootX® kills the small fibrous roots and cut roots inside the sewer pipe and prevents their re-growth. Since the RootX® foam only flows through the pipe, it has. The active ingredient in RootX is Dichlobenil, a proven aquatic herbicide. RootX is non-caustic, non-fumigating and contains no diquat dibromide, copper sulfate. RootX is a non-systemic, patented chemical root control formula. It kills only the roots it comes in contact with and does not harm pipes, septic systems or.

Rootx is a non-systemic, patented chemical root control formula. This means that it kills only the roots with which it comes in contact, not the tree or plant. Most powdered foaming root agents aka "rootx" use dichlobenyl as the main agent. But dichlobenyl helps prevent root growth, it won't necessarily. Spray the roots with a little water to clean them. Pour RootX® in and spray with about 20 gallons of water to activate it. NOTE: Do not use any water in the. When your sewer line is blocked due to tree roots, RootX is the solution to kill pipeline roots and unblock your pipes. Not available at your local hardware. Foaming Root Killer destroys roots that find their way into in a home's sewer line, which can cause costly backups. Foaming Root Killer is a patented.

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