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Mouflon Ram Hunting Packages. Mouflon ram hunting packages include a total of 4 hunts over 3 days. Hunters check-in on Day 1 at pm, hunt Day 1 afternoon. The mouflon sheep is the mountain sheep that develops a woolly undercoat in the winter. Two of its distinguishing characteristics is a saddle looking spot on. Mouflon mate, or go through a rut, in late fall to early winter. The hunting method commonly used on a mouflon ram hunt is spot and stalk or safari style. Trophy Mouflon Ram Hunters can choose to Bow Hunt, Rifle Hunt, Pistol Hunt, or Black Powder Hunt. We accommodate all types of hunters and even hunters with. Mouflon Cross Sheep are generally hunted in steeper open upland terrain and have excellent eye sight. Trophy Black Hawaiian and Mouflon cross rams sport horns.

Home / Hunting / Horned Exotics / Armenian Mouflon. Armenian The Armenian mouflon, also known as the Armenian sheep, Armenian wild sheep, Armenian red sheep. Mouflon Sheep Hunts. Trophy Mouflon Sheep were once common to Texas ranches. But through hybridization, find truly pure mouflon are rare. They are a small. World-Class Trophy Mouflon Sheep – $1, plus 6% sales tax, available December – January. Ewes – $ plus 6% sales tax. Mouflon Sheep Hunting Location. Mouflon may be hunted throughout the open season from October - May. A good date to hunt excellent trophies is the rut when. High Adventure Ranch offers a variety of exotic game hunts including Mouflon Ram hunts backed by a No Game, No Pay Guarantee! Hawaii Big Island Hog & Mouflon Sheep Hunts. The Lānaʻi mouflon sheep season will consist of four hunts: an archery hunt, a youth hunt, a muzzleloader hunt, and a general rifle hunt. Please review the hunt. One of the world's smallest wild sheep, resembling a slim domestic sheep except that it has a normal coat of hair, any wool being concealed beneath. We hunt. Call Tioga Boar Hunting at to discover more about our mouflon ram hunts. We can talk to you about the best times to hunt for mouflon rams and help. 2 days of hunting, two nights of lodging and one Trophy Mouflon Ram. $ per inch on the short side horn. For example a ram measuring 25″ on one side and 27″. Hunting in Spain: The Iberian Mouflon hunt is done by stalking in Government reserves. The best European Mouflon hunting season is Setember-May.

Mouflon mate, or go through a rut, in late fall to early winter. The hunting method commonly used on a mouflon ram hunt is spot and stalk or safari style. Mouflon sheep is one of the most sought after trophies in Europe, still very few places offer the opportunity to hunt them in their natural habitat: the bushy. Purebred Mouflon Sheep are considered the most highly prized game mammal on the Island of Hawaii. They live in rough lava flows at high elevation on the. Mediterranean MouflonAxis deerDalmatian wild sheepFeral goatKri-Kri Hybrid Ibex. Mountain HuntingRifle HuntingStalking. Season: 01 Feb, 24 - 31 Oct, With an abundance of sheep, BWGS is home to the best Texas Mouflon Hunts in our state. With over Mouflon on one property, BWGS gives you the option to be. The thick, ridged, crescent moon-shaped horns of the mouflon sheep are unmissable. Come to Stone Creek Ranch in the Texas Hill Country to harvest this. The price of the mouflon hunt is typically made up of daily rate and trophy (or shooting) fee. The daily rate in Europe ranges between $ and $1, The Lanai Mouflon sheep season will consist of four (4) hunts: The Archery Hunt will consist of two (2) draws, each totaling five (5) days. Subject to. Hunts are conducted as a two day 1x1 guided hunt which includes on island transportation, trophy preparation, meat handling and snacks/refreshments. Mouflon.

Many hunters dream of having the chance to hunt for a big mouflon ram. As it is the case for most European big game species, Hungary is home to some very. WHEN AND WHERE WE HUNT MOUFLON SHEEP. There is no closed season on hunting Mouflon, but the best time to do it is during the rut, between October and January. Hunt Iberian Mouflon Sheep in beautiful Spain. 3 Nights, 2 Days Hunting for $ + Trophy Fee. Season begins September 1 and runs through February You'll realize just how wild Mouflon sheep are when you hunt them. They are beautiful with heart shaped horns, and a white saddle patch on their back. Mouflon Sheep Hunting is offered year round at the Lonesome Bull Ranch. Enjoy Trophy Mouflon Sheep Hunting on acres of South Texas Brush-land.


A mouflon trophy is a must-have for any hunter; this ancient breed is sought-after for its history, large horns, and more. Book your hunt in Kansas today! Mouflon Sheep Price. Enjoy an outstanding European Mouflon Hunt in Spain with an experienced guide and serious organization. Mouflon Sheep and Balkan Chamois Hunt in Croatia · This is a VERY affordable, real sheep hunt. · Mouflon sheep can be hunted year-round, but the best time to.

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