Alexander Shirunov — solo accordion. Karthause-Schmuelling, Germany, 2006. Works by: V.Zubitsky, C.Bolling, P.Desmond/D.Gazarov, A.Astier, R.Ruggieri, V.Vlasov, E.Bouvelle/M.Larcange, Y.Kazakov


«This dynamic young performer has really hit the world stage in recent months with a string of competition successes and a music style that really excites his audiences. Born in Russia and taught by Alexander Dmitriev, young Shirunov has really made an impact on the accordion competition scene during the last 12 months.

The CD “Absolute” is produced by Karthause-Schmuelling Germany and the company director Ulrich Schmuelling writes that «we have created a unique and sensational sounding CD with a cover of blue combined with fluorescent light green in keeping with the sensational music. I may even forecast, Shirunov will receive the nick name The Blue Shirunov for this wonderful new CD».

To release this CD, there was a big premiere and gala concert at the famous Frankfurter Musikhochschule on Sunday 14 May which was a tremendous success. Shirunov is without doubt, a star in the making and this, his first CD, is another step on his way to a great future».