IMG_0544Born in 1983, Alexander Shirunov has been recognized as one of the world’s leading accordionists of his generation.
He obtained his primary music education at the School of music named after E. Bakirov in a town of Elabuga. From 1998 to 2002 he studied at the St.Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Special Secondary Music Lyceum. In 2007, Alexander graduated from the St.Petersburg State Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire (class of Professor Alexander Dmitriev) and took a post-graduate course, finishing studies in 2009.

Alexander Shirunov is a many-times winner of prestigious international accordion competitions, including:

Citta di Castelfidardo (Italy, 2006 — I Prize in duet with Nadia Guseva),
CIA Coupe Mondiale (Castelo Branco, Portugal, 2005, I Prize cat. «Piano Accordion»),
CIA Coupe Mondiale (Castelo Branco, Portugal, 2005, II Prize cat. «Senior Virtuoso Entertainment»),
Citta di Lanciano (Italy, 2005 – I Prize),
Citta di Castelfidardo (Italy, 2005 – I Prize),
– Citta di Castelfidardo (Italy, 2005 — II Prize in duet with Nadia Guseva),
Trofeo “Citta di Palagianello” (Italy, 2005 – I Prize cat. «Senior Classical»),
Trofeo “Citta di Palagianello” (Italy, 2005 – I Prize cat. «Senior Virtuoso Entertainment»),
Primus Ikaalinen (Finland, 2005 – II Prize),
V.I.P. World Accordion Show (France, 2005 – III Prize),
– Voices of Spring (Moscow, Russia, 2005 – III Prize),
Voices of Spring (Moscow, Russia, 2005 – I Prize in duet with Nadia Guseva),
St.Peter and Paul Harmonica Assemblies (St.Petersburg, Russia, 2003 – I Prize and Nikitin Prize),
– CIA Coupe Mondiale (Copenhagen, Denmark, 2002, III Prize),
– Citta di Lanciano (Italy, 2002 – II Prize),
Voices of Spring (Moscow, Russia, 2002 – II Prize),
– Citta di Castelfidardo (Italy, 2001 – II Prize),
– St.Peter and Paul Harmonica Assemblies (St.Petersburg, Russia, 2001 – I Prize),
International Andreev Competition (St.Petersburg, Russia, 2000 – I Prize).

The European press has been very enthusiastic about the young accordionist. “Musician like an entire Universe” – writes an authoritative German magazine “INTERMUSIK”, dedicating, for the first time, during its 16 years of existence, the whole front page to a single person.

This dynamic young performer has really hit the world stage in recent months with a string of competition successes and a music style that really excites his audiences…

Alexander Shirunov has instantly subdued public, having just begun the performance at the opening concert of the World Accordion Championship – 2006… Trekkspill, Norway

Shirunov plays Baroque, classical, and avant-garde compositions as originals and arrangements so convincingly that professionals conclude he cannot be classified into one category. He is just a class for himself… Intermusik-Zeitung

Shirunov gives virtuoso entertainment music the quality and noble appearance necessary for it to transform into another genre of musical art… Intermusik-Zeitung

The Master of the keyboards! Frankfurter Neue Presse

Since 2006, Alexander Shirunov has been regularly invited as a jury member on various national and international music competitions.

He has performed and held master-classes, recorded for radio and TV in Russia, Belarus, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, France, USA, Australia, New Zealand.

Since 2007, Alexander Shirunov has been an official endorser of HOHNER accordions.

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